Baby-Friendly Initiative

 National Symposium

October 1-8, 2021

The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada is pleased to share that it will be hosting a virtual symposium in October 2021.  Please return to this site for updates about the symposium program and speakers. 

The Breastfeeding Committee for Canada is the national authority for the Baby Friendly Initiative - a global quality improvement initiative developed by the WHO/UNICEF that promotes optimal maternal and child health and nutrition.  ​

Every two years, the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada hosts an interactive pan-Canadian symposium with experiential learning opportunities that investigate approaches that can inform the Baby-Friendly Initiative and its implementation in Canada.  

It is well known that families and communities in Canada can experience significant disparities in breastfeeding rates and access to support. 


Constraints are caused by unmet social determinants of health and a range of injustices including gender inequality, racism, poverty and violence. 


Participants will learn how to move beyond the organizational practices and to build the critical connections necessary for transformative change in breastfeeding promotion, policy and research.